Secure Mobile Gateway 

Secure Remote Access on any Device Anywhere

Secure Gateway

Secure Mobile Gateway is an additional software component providing Web Access to existing MAPS graphics, giving you secure remote access on any device anywhere.

Secure Mobile Gateway technology provides web browser access (Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera etc.) from any device. User interface graphic forms can be designed once for display on any device that supports an HTML 5 browser.

Secure Mobile Gateway requires no open firewall ports, secure channel is initiated from the client side, preventing any direct exposure to sniffing, DDOS attacks and hack attempts. Runs on industry standard encryption technology used by thousands of users (RFC 4419/4432/6594 compliant). Additional IT infrastructure changes or open inbound ports are not required (uses HTTPS). Direct HTML 5 reperesentation of the operator is provided. The solution is application specific and specifically designed and optimised for the operator.


  • Runs on any device with HTML 5.0 compliant web browser, including Apple, Android, Linux, Windows
  • No initial download requirement
  • All communication is encrypted.
  • All the functionality of the Operator. Not limited.


  • Graphics updates can be slower because it is a remote connection and runs as a remote process
  • Large amount of graphical changes will take longer to display