Online Demo MAPS SCADA and IIoT Platform

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MAPS Online Demo

IoT Demo

Gemon Demo

Rich Graphic Demo

Windows Client

Fully immersive functionality for a rich graphical experience.

Will only work in Internet Explorer
No other browser supported
This applies to the Rich Client functionality only

New Web | Mobile Demo

Performance Anywhere Beta Version

Used as an information portal and dashboard application on all web browsers.

MAPS Mobile Gateway

MAPS Mobile Gateway

Additional software component providing Web Access to existing MAPS graphics

Full access to all representation via an ultra-secure gateway.

HTML 5 | Mobile Demo

Performance Anywhere

Used as an information portal and dashboard application on all web browsers.

The link MUST be opened in Internet Explorer simply because we use the Microsoft Technology called ClickOnce.  (This applies to the Rich Client functionality only)

  1. Copy the link into your Internet Explorer browser.
  2. The Adroit Operator will be downloaded.
  3. This operator will remain in the cache so every time you click on this link, it will load as if it was installed on your machine.
  4. It is cached in the Internet Explorer browser cache.

The left-hand menu will allow you to navigate to the GIS MAP that has the sensors. You can also expand the tree and double-click on the sensor. You will notice for example that the Sens’it button has been placed at the DFA/Sqwidnet HQ in Pretoria and cannot be seen in the map view that loads. So either pan a little North East or as said before simply double-click on it in the tree. If you want to see any of the product live please get hold of us and we can activate the sensors at our offices.