MAPS 4 Templates 

Why YOU should use MAPS 4.0

Object Model Functionality in MAPS 4

The MAPS SCADA offers users the ability to minimise their engineering, and maximise the quality of the solution when the Object Model is used.

From the Designer, under the Datasource window, it is possible to create your own predefined and tested templates and then engineer projects from these objects that will, in turn, replicate the complete SCADA configuration including tag names, scanning, alarming and trending.

With the new Object Model functionality in MAPS 4 it allows you to create templates that automatically create Agents, scanning, logging and alarming. We have created a complete set of Mitsubishi PLC series for the iQ-R, iQ-F and Q series objects, which will allow you to rapidly deploy diagnostic screens for the PLC systems. The objects represent the most common hardware available including CPU’s Power Supplies and I/O Modules. The Objects represent the real-life behavior of the PLC’s. By clicking on a module and opening the hardware faceplate in the MAPS SCADA more diagnostics and information can be seen.

All that is required is to provide the PLC IP address and I/O data ranges to click deploy and enjoy rest of the day with a great amount of work done for them.