Video Wall System

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the world’s leading suppliers of professional video wall systems.

MAPS Solutions in a Control Room Envrionment

Based on the latest LED and LCD technology, Mitsubishi Electric video walls are used in control rooms all over the world to help manage traffic flows, telecom networks, energy grids, critical public utilities such as water & wastewater, and public transport systems. Over 78,000 Mitsubishi Electric LED video wall cubes have been installed globally; they are relied upon 24/7 to keep millions of people safe, healthy, comfortable and productive.

SPS IPC Drives Show – Nuremberg

From the 28 to 30 of November, an important fair for automation, the SPS/IPC/Drives show, took place in Nuremberg, Germany. MAPS was an essential part of the whole Mitsubishi Electric booth concept and was used to gather machine data from several applications on the booth. At the Mitsubishi stand, there was a live demonstration which presented how data can be collected from shop floor devices and transferred to a higher level SCADA-System for visualization, monitoring and interpretation of the production process.
There were screens for:

  • Showing the position and speed information of the linear transfer system (LTS)
  • Showing MAPS integrated with our CNC controllers
  • Showing trend graphs for a pressure control test demo
  • Showing energy data from an application.
  • Showing statistics from a Poka Yoka Demo (Semi-Automatic assembly place)

MAPS was used in a control room environment and also displayed on a large display wall from Mitsubishi Electric VIS (Visual information systems) department.

The project was done by our German MAPS expert Aleksandar Arsovski.

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