MAPS Online Demo

The link below provides a Microsoft ClickOnce mechanism for the distribution of an application via HTTP as part of Zero Footprint Deployment.


The link below provides a solution demonstrating the mechanism for getting your users up and running across the Internet, without having to install the product. This will provide a mechanism for distributing the software and communicating with the MAPS SCADA server over the Internet without requiring a local product install.

Click Once

Microsoft ClickOnce provides a mechanism for the distribution of an application via HTTP as part of Zero Footprint Deployment. This means that the application is not being installed, but downloaded on the end-user machine, and forms part of the Windows Application Cache. Microsoft ClickOnce will ensure that the end-user application is always up to date with the application and project image stored on the Web Server. Microsoft ClickOnce also checks whether the correct .NET Framework exists on the end-user PC.


Will download the application into the browser application cache and will ensure that the application is up to date with the image on the server. Requires only a browser on the client machine (ClickOnce plugins are available for Firefox and Android). Only changed files are transmitted if the application is updated.

Will provide a .NET framework check to ensure that the end user has the relevant framework installed. Can support faster update rates as only the data is transmitted across the internet, not the actual screens themselves as with RemoteApp. More optimized for low bandwidth connections.


An initial download of about 120 MB, the first time the application is launched via the browser. Although most standard solutions are transportable via ClickOnce, Databinding and certain custom controls will not run in a ClickOnce environment will only work on Microsoft Windows operating systems

Will ONLY work in Microsoft Internet Explorer