Version 3.4.2

On the first of June, Christian Nomine, the European MAPS Product Manager of Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. joined the local MAPS Expert meeting in Istanbul / Turkey. The meeting was hosted and organized by Mitsubishi Electric Turkey.

They received some great attention and finally welcomed ten of their most important System integrators that already had used MAPS previously for Visualization projects.
Christian gave an overview of the upcoming MAPS 4 release and the new functions including the highly-improved Performance Anywhere Web clients, the Object model, a BACnet Ethernet driver, OPC UA Client support and on-demand-scanning.

It was wonderful to see during the presentation how well MAPS has been received in Turkey and how knowledgeable the integrators have become in the last two years.

There is still a lot to learn and problems can and still will arise. The key to the success of MAPS in Turkey is a strong sale push from Tolga Bizel and the competent and pre-sales role of Ms Burcu Çöpür as the key engineer around the MAPS solutions.

Well done and thank you Burcu and Tolga for all your effort you put into MAPS.