Can I install MAPS 4 onto a PC with an existing MAPS 3 installation in order to have both versions running in parallel?

No, your existing MAPS 3 installation will be upgraded to MAPS 4. If you need both versions (for example for supporting existing customer projects), please use two different machines or virtual machines.

What are my minimum hardware and software specifications to install MAPS 4?

Please search for “system requirements” in the MAPS Designer help file.

Can MAPS 3 projects be used in MAPS 4?

Yes, the Agent Server WGP configuration file will be converted to work with MAPS 4. However, as there are many new features and new agent types in MAPS 4, this new file will not be downward compatible to be used in MAPS 3 anymore. Graphics Forms will work without limitations.

Can I reuse my existing licensing from MAPS 3?

You can reuse your existing green HASP hardware. However, there is a new licensing mechanism in place that will install a new license onto the same green HASP. Soft licenses will need to be recreated completely.

Is there a document describing all new features of MAPS 4?

Yes, it is called “What is new in the MAPS 4 Release.pdf” and it is part of the MAPS 4 install. You can also use the MAPS Designer help and look at the “what’s new” topic there.