Support in MAPS Version 4.0

A FAG SmartCheck is a compact, innovative, modular online measuring system for continuous monitoring of machinery and process parameters on a decentralised basis.

Vibration sensor

It is used on motors and pumps primarily for Vibration and preventative condition Monitoring. This unit will return alarm statuses when it detects that the motor is not running so smoothly anymore. It indicates that it is time for a service on the motor or bearing changes etc….

Object Model

Three separate FAG SmartCheck Objects have been created in MAPS 4.0. Two of these objects may be used in conjunction with the Mitsubishi PLC. One object was created using the new Object Model and will also create agents, scan, log and alarm it as well as create the SCADA graphics and the other is incorporated into the MAPS Template library. In this scenario, the Mitsubishi PLC is used as a gateway for communications to the FAG SmartCheck.


The FAG SmartCheck connects to a standard Ethernet network. The third object is also created using the new object model but is used in conjunction with the new FAG SmartCheck Driver that has been created. This allows communications directly to the FAG SmartCheck using the new WebService functionality the FAG SmartCheck incorporated. The PLC is bypassed and communication is made directly with the FAG SmartCheck unit.
Currently, Mitsubishi PLC’s using the 3E frames are supported: the L Series, Q Series, FX5 and R Series.