FAG SmartCheck 

Condition Monitoring using Vibration Diagnosis

Adroit and MAPS Integration

The SmartCheck unit has the capability of communicating to a Mitsubishi PLC using the 3E Frames MC Protocol. The SmartCheck unit which transfers the specific information to a set of predefined registers in the Mitsubishi PLC through the Ethernet connection. The Adroit/MAPS SmartCheck object creates the required function block and scanning for the Mitsubishi PLC, to enable it to communicate to the SmartCheck.

Smart Condition Monitoring

The world is moving to the concept of predictive maintenance, SmartCheck is a collaboration between FAG, Mitsubishi Electric and Adroit Technologies’s Adroit SCADA, that allows an easy and reliable way of making this a reality.

Easy to install and use means real-time analysis and alarming can be used to increase performance and reduce downtime of mechanical equipment in the field.

  • Intelligent Sensor FAG SmartCheck
  • Predictable maintenance through a secure and timely alert
  • Transparency
  • Cost reduction
  • Online Monitoring

The FAG SmartCheck is ideal for monitoring a wide range of systems, for example:

  • Electric motors and geared motors
  • Vacuum and fluid pumps
  • Ventilators and fans
  • Gearboxes and compressors
  • Spindles and machine tools
  • Separators and decanters