MAPS Alarm Management brings clarity to your alarming. It allows the routing of any alarms in MAPS through to the structured alarm management database. The MAPS Alarm Management Reports provide the tools necessary for alarm system performance measurement and improvement.

The reports include an alarm management system performance dashboard and a system performance comparison report to support continuous improvement initiatives. The alarm analysis reports provide insight into alarming to help improve alarm system and plant.

The Alarm Management agent in MAPS and its associated reports in MAPS Report Suite draw on the ISA18.2 Standard, EEMUA 191 Guidelines, research performed by DC Campbell Brown and Adroit Technologies’ experience around alarming and alarming systems.

Lower your maintenance cost and improve you performance with MAPS Alarm Management.

Alarm System Performance Dashboard

Measures the performance of an alarm system in terms of operator manageability of the system based on guidelines defined in the EEMUA 191 Guidelines document..

Performance Comparison Report

Enables users to compare alarm system KPI’s for two user-defined periods, the overall system performance improvement as well as the relevant supporting information.

Bad Actors Report

Alarms that, if not dealt with cause system degradation, appearing often or continuously and by eliminating underlying issues can improve system performance.

Alarm Category Report

Summarised incidents for the user selected alarm category in top 10 graphs by type and incident

Alarm Type Report

Summarised incidents for the user selected alarm type in top 10 graphs by category and incident

Reasons & Notes Analysis

Highlights prevalent reasons, sub-reasons and notes assigned to incidents.

Associated Values & Reports

A detailed list of configured associated values per incident.

Detail Reasons & Notes Report

Highlights the prevalent reasons, sub-reasons and notes assigned to incidents.

Detail Reports

Highlights incidents distribution (per hour) over the selected period for the selected incidents.

Exception Incidents Report

Displays detailed alarm information for stale incidents, unacknowledged incidents or incidents with outstanding reasons and notes.

Operator Performance Report

Measures operator acknowledgement durations per incident against user defined set points for each priority alarm.