Monitor you MAPS SCADA from Anywhere


With the New Web-client Dashboard you can take your MAPS SCADA Mobile!


  • MAPS Web-client Dashboard was designed to allow mobility. It was developed with HTML5 and boasts its responsive design technology, allowing you to access it from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet or your smartphone.
  • MAPS Smart UI manages the connection over the internet and allows you to configure a profile that manages the data transferred between client and server. It is customisable and extensible allowing you to build your own interfaces and access data from the MAPS Agent Servers. The poll can be configured to send all value changes between poll intervals or to send only the value at poll interval.
  • Mobility leads to more efficiency. With the MAPS Web-client Dashboard you can have Alarms, Events and Performance of your site wherever you are at any given time. Being able to access your operation while on the move, on site and off, puts you closer to the process. You can monitor the site from any device making it more flexible. This allows for quicker diagnosis of any problems and as such quicker response to clear them. You also have the ability to be on-hand at any difficult areas on the plant in order to experience the issue actively.
  • The Web-client dashboard can be configured on either an internal web connection, where all devices are connected to the internet through the site’s network, or an external web connection where all the devices are connected to the site’s network via the internet.
  • Once the configuration of the devices are complete on the system and a user profile created, you can build your own Dashboard by using MAPS Web Service API which gives secure access to all the function calls available.
  • The Dashboard has a built-in Designer that allows you to include some of the functions or processes on the site that you need mobile access to, and allows some operational functions. From the Toolbox in the Designer mode you can include these functions or processes through widgets that can be setup on multiple pages on the Dashboard and is linked to the data from the Server.
  • The widgets include charts and graphs, gauges, sliders, switches and statistics.
  • Each of these functions are setup and linked to the data available from the SCADA and can be displayed on several pages on the Dashboard in order to group these processes efficiently. Alarming can be setup allowing you the ability to acknowledge the alarms.
  • The advantages of the MAPS Web-client Dashboard are numerous, and will contribute to a more efficient and affective site process control system.
  • Being able to access the most important areas of a site’s operation at any given time, regardless of where you are, allows for more flexibility and the opportunity to perform daily tasks around the site but still being able to review and respond to the site’s performance.
  • The Performance Anywhere application can be implemented with ease in any of industry’s sectors and is very well suited to distributed systems where reliance on web-based access to data is significant.


You can now literally take your SCADA on the move!  With any mobile device, you will have access to key areas of your process control system at any time or place.

Cost Effective

The Performance Anywhere Operator can be added and implemented to any MAPS SCADA system.

Intuitive Operation

Because the Performance Anywhere Operator is a simplified user interface, functionality and detail are at an easier level, reducing the skillset required to use and operate.


Access your information with any mobile device or on any or operating system.

On Demand

As a poll-based interface it can be configured to access all value changes between poll intervals, or the value at poll interval.

Customizable and Extensible

The built-in Designer allows you to build your own interfaces and access data from the Smart UI Server.

Global International Standard

HTML5 based allowing operation across any operating system or platform as well as any mobile system, and with its responsive design elements can be accessed and operated from any mobile device.

Widgets and Wizards

Design and setup of the Web-client Operator is easy and effective with standard design wizards and widgets that allows you to access data through various charts, gauges, sliders, switches, statistics or text displays.

Access and Security Controls

User and group profiles can be setup in the network and system that would define access and functionality of each user through the Web-client Operator that supports data and system security.

Dynamic HTML

With the dynamic HTML widget, and a basic programming and HTML5 code knowledge, user defined webpages can be designed where selected data from the site could be displayed and published on a website