MAPS Process Analyser 

The Process Analyser is a graphic form that was created to run in the MAPS Designer and MAPS Operator.

This graphic form will ultimately provide users with an easy way to view and analyse the logged data of their agents in relation to audit information and alarms, over the same period of time.

Included in MAPS version at no additional cost.


Analyse the cause of process upsets quickly and easily from a single interface.

It’s about human and machine data and what caused the problems.

Understand why certain processes go wrong and more importantly what caused them to go wrong.

So, what can go wrong? 

Equipment – trips, incorrect control setpoints or changes to set points, faulty instrumentation giving incorrect feedback to a control point?

Humans – Who was operating the plant, what changes did they make, did they react quick enough to trips, how long was a process down for before it got to stability again. What were other conditions when the plant failed to keep in control limits?


Before setting up the required data sources, users must ensure that their installation of MAPS is version 4.0.5 or above.

The Process Analyzer graphic form will NOT work with previous versions.

The Process Analyzer graphic form requires 4 data sources to load and function correctly:

1. Adroit Data Source
2. Smart UI Audit Data Source
3. Adroit System Audit Data Source
4. Alarm Management Data Source


STEP 1: Install the Adroit Smart UI version 10.0.5 or higher
STEP 2: Copy the Process Analyzer graphic form into a Smart UI project.
STEP 3: Create the 4 data sources required by the Process Analyzer graphic form
STEP 4: Open the Process Analyzer graphic form in the MAPS Designer
STEP 5: Run the Process Analyzer graphic form in the MAPS Designer

For more on setup please watch:

Process Analyser

Video Agenda
Introduction and Purpose
Terms and Definitions
Typical Scenario
Configuring Parameters
Real World Use Case Demo